Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Garden designs

Create a haven from the midday sun while enjoy the closeness of nature by placing a parasol in the corner of your garden. Team this with vibrant garden furniture in zesty colours and take pleasure in relaxing in your contemporary outdoor space.

Decorative garden

Add decorative details to your garden to give it a

touch of style . Place a striking piece of ironwork against a light-painted wall - this will show off the detailing in all its glory - and then dot small sculptures around the space to play with scale

Mediterranean-style courtyard

Featured at the Tatton Park Flower Show, the Mediterranean-style theme of this courtyard is created by red paving stones teamed with painted walls. Fiery coloured flowers are partnered with cordyline, olive and palm trees to add to the Mediterranean feel. A corner seating area features a pergola, wooden benches painted red and matching cushions. The nearby wat

er sounds from the bubbling pot complete the sense o

f calm.

Summer retreat

Reclaim your shed, paint it mint green and sky blue, then add

some classic wicker furniture for the ultimate retreat at the end of your garden. Give it a homely feel with cushions in retro flor

al prints and a pretty painting. Add a rug for extra comfort, and hang a voile curtain across the door so you can shelter from the sun but still enjoy the breeze.

Urban-chic garden

Create a comfy, alfresco seating area with a modern rattan sofa and armchair and pick a dining set in black and chrome for a contemporary look. Brighten the look with silky red and lime cushions and include plenty of striking foliage in co-ordinating planters and finish them off with a few pebbles around the base


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